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Self-taught Alaskan sculptor Lee Cross, known professionally as Wood Splitter Lee, creates incredible one of a kind fantasy creatures that are so remarkably lifelike they verge on creepy, which is just one of the things that makes them so awesome. All of Lee’s creatures are completely made by hand without the use of and patterns, molds or casts. Their bodies contain articulated skeletons wrapped with stuffing, making them very soft to handle and fully posable. They’re decorated with carefully hand-applied synthetic fur and paint. As you can see from these photos, some of Lee’s creatures are more fantastic in nature than others, but they’re all amazing to behold.

Lee’s creatures are available for purchase through weekly Auction Adoptions held on eBay.

To check out more of her phenomenal handmade creatures, visit Wood Splitter Lee’s DeviantArt gallery.

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Special Weapons SW-5

A U.S made MP5 clone, the SW-5 was available in two variants; a stamped steel receiver and a cast steel receiver. The one in the photos is of the cast version. They’re supposed to be more rigid and less prone to receiver flex during operation but are usually out of spec since the receiver is thicker. Most standard claw mounts for the HK series will not work on these cast receiver without some effort or modifications. (GRH)

You’re Mine Now (part 5 - The Train and The New Black)

Laura sat there… Staring at what she assumed was Michael. She had scoured the entire train now, and found nothing and noone.

It was just her and “Michael” now. She tried not to acknowledge what it all meant. She tried not to see the gun in his gloved hand. Most notably… she tried desperately hard NOT to kneel at his feet and strip until she were bare, begging him to hold the gun to her head while she were forced to take him deep down her throat.

"How can you even think something like that in a situation like this?"

She was utterly lost in the experience. Fighting arousal, elation, adrenaline and nausea. The power… Who was this man? Laura gave herself a mental pat on the back for continuously reminding herself that she barely knew this man, because clearly she didn’t. Or DID she?

The power! Clearly this man at the very least had some powerful friends. An entire train bought out… Laura shuddered, realizing the implications of this. He had planned this. There are others involved… even if they do not know what he is going to do with her. Laura glanced down at the gun. "I bet it’s not even loaded. What a fucking bastard! He knows I wont test the theory. In fact, I’m sure he knows that I’ve considered that it’s not loaded, and is enjoying watching me struggle. What should I DO? Why haven’t I tried anything yet… ? I have a whole TRAIN to work with here… He hasn’t followed me yet. I could always jump off…"

But Laura knew why she hadn’t done anything yet. She would just converse with herself like this, to try and distract herself from the fact that she was loving every fucked up moment of it.

Michael shifted slightly in his seat, folding his arm across his body as he propped his right foot up on his left knee, bringing his hand, and gun into plain sight to rest atop his knee. He continued to watch her. Laura looked back, trying to maintain a most relaxed pose. She was determined not to give away the fact that her mind was racing. Her imagination, for the mean time at least, was successfully keeping her mind off of the gravity of the situation.

Laura was just about to get up again to stretch her legs when the smell of food caught her attention. The doors to the car opened abruptly, startling her, and a cart moved slowly through the doors, stopping next to them, with the food atop the cart. Laura’s stomach growled… "What time is it?" Laura started to realize how hungry she was. She looked at Michael briefly, as if there would be some kind of expression, or body language to read, but there of course was not. Laura sniffed the air… Curry. She loved curry. She looked at the plate covered in rice, chicken and veggies. The smells wafting off of it were delicious. So many spices… Laura started when she finally noticed another masked figure had rolled the cart in and was simply standing there. NOW Laura started to really FEEL the gravity.

Who was this person? Their mask was similar to Michael’s, only their smile was green instead of red… The eyes were that same black. Looked like it had been dabbed on with a paintbrush, the paint allowed to drip a little. Simple oval-circles… Dead. Expressionless.

Suddenly Michael stood. Laura gasped, despite herself. In one swift movement he gracefully took the plate from the cart and held it in front of Laura. Laura’s mouth watered… Humorously it occurred to Laura to thank him, and the demented “waiter”, as she reached out to retrieve the plate.

However, once Laura had the plate in her lap, she stopped dead. Michael leaned forward into her personal space… She pulled back, but couldn’t help but stare. Was she leaning forward despite herself? She smelled him. She felt a wetness growing between her legs. There was a warmth coming off of him… Was this exciting him? This whole dynamic? She felt oddly compelled to embrace him. He reached to her side (the side of her seat, nearest the wall) and pulled out a tray that was affixed to an arm. She sat the plate on the tray, eyeing Michael as he sat down. She felt oddly torn concerning the distance that was now between them. She longed to have him between her legs… "Please stick that gun in my mouth and take me"

Laura shook her head. Michael didn’t move… But Laura could almost feel the smirk. She would always blush when she had such thoughts. It was as if he could hear her thinking…

Finally Laura looked down at the plate, considering her options. She looked up at Michael and finally said, “Why should I eat this?”. No response. He sat motionless. She turned quickly to her purse and dug out her phone - checking the time, she realized that it had now been several hours since she last ate.

| “Make sure to eat a big lunch. It’s going to be a long trip!” |

If only she had listened… A half-smirk appeared on her face as she realized how serious he had been when he gave her these instructions. Laura started to chuckle ironically. “You knew I wouldn’t listen…” she said, looking down at the food and shaking her head. Michael only put the gun down on the seat beside him, indicating that a) he knew Laura wouldn’t go for it, and b) he knew she would be hungry enough (and reckless enough) to eat it anyway.

She weighed the possibilities. Would he kill her now, really? Would he go to all of this work just to watch her eat a poisoned meal on this empty train? Every time they were out for dinner, enjoying “normal” conversation, he would lean across the table to her and whisper in her ear all of the bad things he wanted to do to her… she would feel the desire wafting off of him like a wall of pleasurable heat. No. He was nowhere near done with her yet.

She picked up the fork, hesitantly and dug into the mix of curried chicken and vegetables. The disruption released another wave of delicious scents making Laura moan aloud. She looked up to see if Michael reacted to her involuntary reaction. Nothing. She brought the forkful up to her mouth… She was going to go for it.

Laura looked at Michael with the most devious and defiant expression she could muster and closed her lips around the fork. Food NEVER tasted so good.

It wasn’t long before she had cleared the plate. She finished feeling refreshed and playful. Electric.

Just to nail it home that she was “perfectly adjusted” and unafraid, she teasingly licked the plate clean. "What are you going to do?!?" Laura screamed at him in her mind.

Her basic needs met. The realization that she did not have to face the mundane world tomorrow… and the knowledge that everything was now literally out of her hands had Laura getting extremely playful again. She would not break down and pathetically hand herself over to Michael, fantasies be damned! No. Laura would fight, and make him work for every little mark on her body (and mind).

Laura, now full of energy, decided to demonstrate in a most dramatic way just how little she now gave a FUCK about her current situation. She dove into her purse, eyes full of mischief and a giant smirk across her face. She felt drunk.

Finally she was able to fish her ipod out from the mess inside her purse, pulling it out by the attached headphones. “Yesssss!” she hissed as the ipod made an appearance. She glanced briefly over at Michael… feeling her pulse quicken as she considered what she was about to do. The thrill of it all flooded her senses. Her ability to distinguish the line between right and wrong slowly started to blur.
"FUCK IT!" She thought to herself. "I’m going to bring some light to this party"

She looked at Michael. “You know what?” Laura asked Michael as if he would respond. She held up her hand, as if stopping him from asking what. “I feel like dancing! What about you?” Laura didn’t wait for a reaction. She squeezed the buds into her ears and flicked the ipod to Acid Bath - seeing as she couldn’t get it out of her head. "If I’m going to die" she thought to herself… "I’m going to hype the SHIT out of it" She let loose as the song she had selected picked up the pace, headbanging and swaying as the beat went from hardcore to soft - Acid Bath’s signature sound. The theme of this particular song would become apparent very soon. She waited for the best part, the break down, like a tortured whore awaiting permission to cum. She tilted her head back and tightened her fists… She finally screamed - “She screamed bloody murder as they chopped off her fingers - so this is how it feels to DIE. But it’s O-KAAAAAYYYYYY!” she head banged slowly and sensually as the guitar followed this favourite line of hers. Michael did not make any movement to acknowledge what she was doing in the isle. Laura didn’t care.

| “Ohhhh, if I took this cigarette and put it out on you… Would you love me?” |

Laura had always been a little fucked up.

The song ended, and Laura allowed herself to collapse back into her seat across from Michael. “Phew!” she sighed. “That was good”. Laura popped the buds out from her ears and shoved it all back into her purse. “There! I feel better now”, Laura said. “And guess what?!… Still alive”, Laura exclaimed … as if she had won some kind of bet. Michael stood suddenly… “Whoa!” Laura blurted out. She suddenly felt woozy. Michael took a step forward, causing Laura to further tilt her head back… she couldn’t take her eyes off of his mask. She was starting to feel extremely ill and light-headed now… Michael took another step forward. Laura’s pussy ached, despite her growing feeling of sickness. He looked down at her and tiled his head to the side. Laura couldn’t look away… She began to feel a distinct tingling in her arms and legs threatening to take her out. “Fuck”… Laura said. It was all she could get out before everything went black…